Logon Status Checker

Logon Status Checker™ is a 32-bit Windows application that displays the logon status of the machine it is run on. Determine your logon status at any time with Logon Status Checker™. After launching Logon Status Checker™ you may quickly see if anyone is logged on to your computer. Finally, Logon Status Checker™ can be used as a tool to identify if a user is logged into a computer or not.

Logon Status Checker Screenshot


How do I use Logon Status Checker™?

All you need to do is launch Logon Status Checker™ and select “Determine Logon Status” from the Tools menu.  Logon Status Checker™ will then begin the process of checking your logon status.

Why would I use Logon Status Checker™?

Imagine the situation:

You’ve spent a long day working and are now enjoying a nice lunch when you suddenly ask yourself, “Am I still logged on?  Are my coworkers sending out perverse email out to other coworkers with my email account?  With everything else I have to do, I can’t spend my valuable time checking my logon status– Am I logged on or not?!?”

Now, with Logon Status Checker™,  that question can be answered indubitably.

So next time somebody asks you if you are logged on or not, you can smile knowingly and tell them, “Indubitably” with a secret thanks to Logon Status Checker™.

Sometimes Logon Status Checker™ reports that I am logged off when I am confident that I am logged on.  Why is this?

If Logon Status Checker™ reports that you are logged off, then in the vast majority of cases, you are actually logged off.

There have been isolated instances where Logon Status Checker™ has erroneously displayed a false logon status.  This problem is currently being examined.  If Logon Status Checker™ says that you are logged off when you are confident that you are logged on, then please send us information on what you were doing when the error occurred.  This will help us in troubleshooting the problem.

Why does it take so long to determine my logon status?

The reason there is a slight delay (around 20 seconds or so) to determine your logon status is that there are a myriad of tests that your system must undergo before Logon Status Checker™ can reliably determine whether you are logged on.

Tips and Tricks

Your preferences can be enabled by selecting “Enable Preferences” from the Tools menu.  With this option selection, your personal preferences are applied tothe Logon Status Checker™ session.  These preferences are then saved and remembered by Logon Status Checker™ when next run by the same user.

By placing a shortcut to Logon Status Checker™ in the “Startup” program group, you will be able to determine whether you have logged on successfully each time you log on!

Version History

Logon Status Checker™ 1.4

  • Personal preferences now supported
  • Banana yellow background replaced with pleasing graphic
  • Check speed increased by over 3.82 percent

Logon Status Checker™ 1.2

  • Enhanced Logon Status Checker™ engine to include an additional 78 points of logon determination including:
    • Mouse motion
    • Keyboard activity
    • Motion sensor alerts (if supported)
    • H-Menderchuck consistency evaluation
    • BIOS Shadow RAM levels
  • Removed requirement for application to be maximized and always on top.

Logon Status Checker™ 1.1

  • Now with Windows support!

See it in action: View a video demonstration of Logon Status Checker!


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