Countdown Timer

Countdown Timer™ is a 32bit windows application that performs a numeric countdown from ten to zero. When you need to time anything for a period of ten seconds, you will not find an application more suited than Countdown Timer™

Countdown Timer Screenshot


How do I use Countdown Timer™?

Launch the Countdown Timer™ executable and begin the event you wish to time simultaneously. When the timer reaches zero, approximately ten seconds will have past. See tips and tricks below for other uses.

Why would I use Countdown Timer™?

There are a multitude of ten second events that can be timed with Countdown Timer™. Countdown Timer™ may be used to time absolutely any event; your imagination is the only limit. Share your uses with others at the Countdown Timer™ user forum.

Tips and Tricks

If the event you wish to time is longer than a ten second period, but a multiple of ten seconds, launch another instance of Countdown Timer™ at the moment the previous launch reaches zero.

To time events that do not take a full ten seconds, use the following formula to determine your result:

n– x = t

Where n equals the total time (10) and x equals the number displayed by countdown timer and t equals the amount of time the event took.  For example, if you are timing the length of time it takes to run 10 paces, simply start Countdown Timer™, run 10 paces (5 paces away from the machine and 5 paces back) and view the number on countdown timer.  Let’s say the number was 3.  The formula then becomes:

10 – 3 = 7

The total time it took to run 10 paces was approximately 7 seconds.

Using a combination of the two above tips, you can time any event regardless of the amount of time desired!

See it in action: View a video demonstration of Command Prompt Launcher!

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