Command Prompt Launcher

Command Prompt Launcher™ is a 32bit windows application that will launch the command prompt window. Command Prompt Launcher™ will launch the command prompt regardless of what other applications may be running. Command Prompt Launcher™ provides users with an intuitive interface and a means of accessing command prompt (also known as the “DOS Shell”.)

Command Prompt Launcher™ is not dependent upon the version of the operating system and will therefore save users from needing to determine how to get to the command prompt from their respective operating system (See “Why Would I Use Command Prompt Launcher”) below.



How do I use Command Prompt Launcher™?

From within Command Prompt Launcher™ select either the “launch” menu item or simply click the graphic within. It’s just that simple.

Once the Command Prompt Launcher™ has command prompt window, you will have access to any and all command line tools.  In addition windows applications may also be executed by typing the application’s name into the command prompt window.

Why would I use Command Prompt Launcher™?

Command Prompt Launcher™ provides instant access to thousands of command prompt utilities. The means of accessing the command prompt differ between certain Windows operating systems.  Command Prompt Launcher™ masks these differences for novice and advanced users alike.

The command prompt window will open a new world of computing to users, and the Command Prompt Launcher™ will get them their in seconds.

Why does it take so long to launch the command prompt?

It actually takes less than five seconds. The underlying Command Prompt Launcher™ engine generates the near-instantaneous launch of the command prompt window. This engine is under constant development and already our engineers have shaved over 12 seconds of the launch of the command prompt window. Watch for future releases as we strive to top even this unbelievable performance.

Can I launch other applications with the Command Prompt Launcher™?

No. You can however launch other applications from within the command prompt window, providing users with the ability to launch as many applications as their system can support. The capabilities of the Command Prompt Launcher™ are limited only by the user’s imagination and the power of their computer system.

Tips and Tricks

For fastest access to Command Prompt Launcher™ place a shortcut to Command Prompt Launcher™ on your desktop. Then, you’re just one click, and a few seconds, away from being presented with the command prompt window.

To launch multiple instances of the command prompt perform the following steps:

  • Launch Command Prompt Launcher™
  • Select “launch” to launch the command prompt
  • From within the command prompt, type the path and file name of the Command Prompt Launcher™ (eg. “c:\Program Files\stupidapps\CommandPromptLauncher\cpl.exe”)
  • Select “launch” to launch the command prompt

You may repeat  these steps to generate any number of command prompt windows

Version History

Command Prompt Launcher™ 2.2

  •  Decreased launch time by 5%
  •  Now includes online help features

Command Prompt Launcher™ 2.0

  • Major redesign introduced to Command Prompt Launcher™ engine
  • Decreased launch time by 25%
  • Now supports launch of command prompt by clicking graphic

Command Prompt Launcher™ 1.1

  • Improved Graphical Design!
  • Decreased launch time by 80%

See it in action: View a video demonstration of Command Prompt Launcher!

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