Head of NATO Command Charlie Oldsworth has used our tools to save a life as well as improve the quality of his own life:

Dear Sirs

I was recently traveling in an elevator, standing in the corner, working on my laptop, when one of my fellow passengers became distressed at the unexpected change in altitude, and started to panic. I noticed her breathing becoming increasingly erratic, which I suspected was caused by a panic attack.

When she became blue in the face I surmised that hyperventilation was occurring, at which point I showed her my laptop screen, started Countdown Timer, and reassured her with these words: "Good lady, please relax and count these numbers with me".

By the time we had reached '0' her breathing had resumed normality, and we struck up an engaging conversation. I subsequently invited her out on a date.

Not only does Countdown Timer save lives, it also has a direct application within the dating arena, and I suggest you make some dating agencies aware of this new and exciting piece of software.

Yours faithfully
Charlie Oldsworth
Head Of Command - NATO

StupidApps is truly lucky to receive such glowing praise from Bernie Rogers, Chief Scientist at British Nuclear Fuels. It is this kind of input that vindicates all of our efforts:


Today here at British Nuclear Fuels we used your excellent Countdown Timer to help us manage the process of switching from live running of our old nuclear reactor to the brand new reactor we have just built.

Normally when we perform this sort of handover process, one of us has to stand up and shout out the countdown from 10 to 0, and then we all press the necessary switches to make the handover.

Many times in the past this has caused lots of problems, as people forget the correct sequence, or count down at the wrong speed. On one occasion the person who was shouting out the countdown sequence accidentally used intervals of an hour, and none of us made it home in time for dinner. When our timing sequence goes wrong it usually means we end up releasing vast amounts of radioactive gas into the atmosphere, which some people seem to think is a problem.

Since using your excellent software to help us count down, we haven't made any mistakes at all. Let's keep our fingers crossed!

Best regards,
Bernie Rogers
Chief Scientist - British Nuclear Fuels

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